Aan die Oewer

Verification audit at Aan-Die-Oewer according to the 4C's

In a nutshell:

The owners started developing the holiday resort on the banks of the Orange River in Orania in May 2000. They worked hard to comply with the requirements of the EIA`s (Environmental Impact Assessments). Trees were identified, named, and retained with great care before the terrain was prepared for developing the accommodation. Before building, and to consider the sandy riverbanks, thorough research was done, and therefore the decision was made to build timber houses on poles.

C1. Conservation
Aan-die-Oewer is part of Orania and the Bavaria has its own written policy about conservation. Brochures and other media, in which this policy is explained, is freely available.
Much preparation has been done to use the environment where the park is situated in a sensible way. Endemic planting is promoted everywhere as far as possible.

C2. Community
All work is done by local people. Local businesses are supported where possible. Prices of the facilities are determined according to the accessibility for the niche markets. Facilities are available for cultural functions and gatherings at reasonable prices. Great emphasis is placed on bettering the quality of life of the inhabitants.

C3. Customer
The houses are clean and well-equipped. Workers are very friendly and helpful. Various water activities are available for guests. A reasonably priced restaurant with lovely views on the river with abundant birdlife, is available to all visitors.

C4. Company
Covid impacted badly on finances. It is the same for tourism facilities in Orania and almost everywhere across the country.


GST Audit Certification - Aan die Oewer

Welcome to Aan-die-Oewer, oasis of the Upper Karoo (Aan Die Oewer)

Here holiday makers and guests from all over can discover the enchantment of the beautiful river and river side. Also experience the hospitality of Orania and its people. Extended lawns under indigenous wag-‘n-bietjie, thorn and karee trees provide ample playground for children and for adults to have a braai while enjoying the tranquillity and beauty of the environment.

Self-catering chalets and a hotel with 12 rooms provide enough accommodation for about 150 guests. Facilities at the resort include a restaurant, spa, indoor swimming pool, kayaks and a float on the river. During holidays water sport, like inner tube riding, is presented by a competent guide.
Report at the information center for a free guided tour of the whole town.

Visit Aan-die-Oewer holiday resort and find out for yourself why it is called the “tourism jewel” of the Northern Cape.