Entabeni Safari Conservancy

Verification audit at Entabeni according to the 4C's

In a Nutshell:

During the on-site audit of the guest facilities Kingfisher and Lakeside Lodges at the Entabeni Safari Conservancy/Nature Reserve, auditors met with the resort manager to discuss how the criteria reflected on the GST questionnaire were being managed and whether the results are efficient.

C1. Conservation
The two lodges are situated at the foot of the landmark Entabeni Mountain next to the
Lakeside Dam. The views are exceptionally spectacular, and the ambiance is calm, tranquil, and restful.
Most prominent is the preservation of the endemic cycads. This is part of a future drive to establish a Eugene Marais Activity Centre/Museum.
Thatched roofs and some stone inlays in walls are used throughout the establishment. These   materials and textures blend with the natural surroundings and contribute to the Bushveld ambiance.

C2. Community
On-the-job training is provided in different areas as required.  A training and development policy is followed to promote individual learning and upliftment. A hotel school is run at Entabeni for local and other identified students.
The owners actively support and encourage employee involvement in all aspects of the conservation and development activities e.g., the Rhino Orphanage and a future Cycad Nursery.

C3. Customer
Authentic experiences are promoted:  silence, spectacular vistas, guided veld walks, pool, game drives and bird watching.
Exclusivity is guaranteed through the control of number of guests and the layout of the rooms.
No incidents of theft have ever been reported. An indemnity form is signed by visitors.
The manager is a qualified paramedic.
A small shop is available for purchasing of memorabilia and other interesting items and books.

C4. Company
Competent financial planning is in place. Sound management of money matters is obvious. Succession planning is ongoing and other members of the family are closely involved in decision-making and management.
Tourist activities are on the rise and some overseas groups are planning near future visits.

Entabeni GST Certificate 2023 signed

Legend Golf & Safari Resort (https://www.legendvillage.co.za/)
Entabeni Lakeside Lodge

Entabeni Lakeside Lodge is situated on the banks of Entabeni Lake on the upper escarpment of the 22 000 ha Entabeni Safari Conservancy in the malaria-free Waterberg region of Limpopo Province.

Located on the banks of Lake Entabeni, luxurious bedrooms are linked by thatched walkways to the Reception, Restaurant, Conference Room and Boma. Lake Entabeni, 1,7 km’s long, lies between soaring bluffs and peaks, a wonderful place for birdwatching and viewing a rich variety of wildlife. The hippos of Lake Entabeni are a special feature. Enjoy sundowners on your own private deck with the always-changing colours of the Entabeni Mountain reflecting in the lake.

Contact details:

Tel: 0861 233 562 / +21 39 688 5320
Office hours: 08:00 – 16:00, Monday to Friday
Email: property@legendvillage.co.za