Legend Golf & Safari Resort

Verification audit at Legend Golf & Safari Resort according to the 4C's

In a nutshell:

Legend Golf & Safari Resort Management has a lifestyle philosophy of economic growth, environmental integrity and social justice. Legend Golf & Safari Resort is managed according to a conservation services management plan. They are part of the Entabeni Conservancy Programme and have a strict and expansive management plan for the reserve area and the accommodation, which is audited annually.

C1. Conservation
Legend Golf & Safari Resort has a clear policy with regard to natural as well as cultural conservation. This mindset is displayed in all activities, items, actions, and persons involved. EIAs are obtained for the building of the golf courses, and mitigating work is done to limit their negative environmental impact. Several mitigating projects are embarked upon to support their drive for sustainable tourism management.

C2. Community
Remuneration is according to the philosophy of social justice and includes many perks, in addition to monetary compensation. The owners actively support and encourage employee involvement in all aspects of the conservation and development activities at the resort.

C3. Customer
Many cultural heirlooms are displayed together with some interesting stories. Authentic experiences are promoted: exquisite golf courses and famous 19th hole, silence, spectacular vistas, veld walks, pool, animal and bird watching, cycling and canoeing There is a clear written evacuation procedure displayed in the rooms, including emergency telephone numbers. A very attractive magazine is available in the rooms and a user-friendly website, packed with plenty of facts and information, can be accessed for perusal.

C4. Company
The covid lockdown gave the business a huge financial knock. However, some clever marketing and tenacity will in time alleviate this.

GST Audit Certification - Legend Golf & Safari Resort

Legend Golf & Safari Resort (https://www.legendvillage.co.za/)
Monomotapa Village

Africa’s most talked about leisure venue has now unlocked the gates and is inviting Golf and Safari enthusiasts to enjoy the experience of a lifetime.

Welcome to Monomotapa Village, a lifestyle resort situated within Legend Golf and Safari resort and part of a 22 000ha Big Five Game Reserve in Limpopo Province. Here you will be treated to a Safari experience that is second to none. This unique resort sets new standards in exclusive tranquillity and it reflects the rich cultural legacy of this part of Africa. Here luxurious interiors and world-class facilities will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed at the end of your stay and wishing for more. The resort is only three hours from Johannesburg, in a malaria-free area. It is in one of the most lush and beautiful areas in the country, as it is in the Waterberg area, the world’s only savanna biosphere.

Invest in your future holidays. Own your own piece of Africa by investing in luxurious self-catering accommodation. Imagine having a guaranteed holiday every year in your very own Villa or Chalet. There is an offer to suit every pocket and finance is available on all options.

Contact details:

Tel: 0861 233 562 / +21 39 688 5320
Office hours: 08:00 – 16:00, Monday to Friday
Email: property@legendvillage.co.za