Welcome to Mount Ceder

Verification audit at Mount Ceder according to the 4C's

In a nutshell:
Mount Ceder Resort Management has a philosophy of economic growth, environmental integrity, and social justice. They have been part of the Cederberg Bavaria Programme since 1997 and have a management plan for the reserve area and the accommodation, which is derived from the Cederberg Bavaria philosophy.

During the on-site audit of the guest facilities at the Mount Ceder Resort, auditors met with the resort manager to discuss how the criteria reflected on the GST questionnaire were being managed and whether the results are efficient.

C1. Conservation
Mount Ceder Resort follows a policy wrt natural as well as cultural conservation. This mindset is displayed in the processes of the resort management, actions and persons involved. EIAs are obtained for the buildings and the olive orchards, and mitigating work is done to limit negative environmental impact as far as possible.

C2. Community
All permanent and temp staff are locals. Housing and housing finance are provided. Workers are bussed from and to their homes daily. On-the-job training is provided in different areas as required. A training and development policy is followed to promote individual learning and uplifting. This was highlighted by the general manager. A philosophy to be proud of! Well done!

C3. Customer
Firewood is provided, sourced from the alien cleaning projects. Outside braais and Jacuzzis are installed on most stoeps. This alleviates loadshedding. Authentic experiences are promoted:  silence, spectacular vistas, veld walks, river pool, wild animal and bird watching, cycling, and canoeing. There is a clear induction and written procedure, including emergency telephone numbers, which are communicated on arrival. An info file is available in the rooms.

C4. Company
The covid lockdown gave the business a financial knock and recently some serious damages were done by this year’s winter floods of the Grootrivier. Roads, parking and picnic sites were seriously damaged. Competent financial planning is in place. Sound management of money matters is obvious.

GST Audit Certification - Mount Ceder

Welcome to Mount Ceder (Mount Ceder)

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